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To facilitate the development of improved VoIP transport mechanisms and expedite the development of new, programmable telephony signaling services in devices ranging from wireless handhelds to carrier class soft switches.
For additional information, see also the NIST-SIP Project Page
Technical Approach
  • Design and development of architectures and standards for programmable SIP platforms and services (JAIN SIP, PASS, embeddable SIP).
  • Research and evaluation of SIP signaling in wireless ad-hoc networks.
  • Test and evaluation of scalable presence and content distribution mechanisms to enable location / context / content aware call control
  • Design, test and evaluate SIP signaling and VoIP transport mechanisms to support emergency communication scenarios on local, national and international scales.
Current Plans
  • Continue to research and develop new approaches to scalable presence, content distribution and context aware communications
  • Design & evaluate SIP extensions for emergency communications.
  • Incorporate PASS technologies into standardized security frameworks for JAIN service creation environments.
  • Develop NIST Internet Protocol Emergency Telecommunications Services (IPTETS) testbed and evaluate ETS signaling and QoS mechanisms proposed in IETF and ITU standards.
Recent Accomplishments:
  • Co-designed (with Sun MS) new JAIN/SIP 1.2 specification (JSR 32) for Java SIP platforms.
  • Developed NIST-SIP 1.2 reference implementations and test tools. Integrated NIST-SIP J2ME (JSR-180) port in.
  • Distributed First Responder Testbed. Developed embeddable (browsers, EJB, SLEE) NIST-SIP stack.
  • Conducted simulation analysis of SIP in WANets and published research papers on proposed mechanisms to improve the hand-off performance for mobile users. Released NS SIP / MANet simulation framework.
  • Designed and prototyped security and resource control framework for programmable active services for SIP. Incorporating PASS techniques into JAIN Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE, JSR 240) security framework. PASS publication submitted.
Related Documents:
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Related Tools, Data Sets, Services:
  • NIST-SIP - JAVA prototype and platform for SIP signaling research. The NIST-SIP suite of prototypes and tools includes:
    • JAIN/SIP reference implementation (RI) and Technical Compatibility Kit (TCK) - This distribution contains JAVA(TM) libraries for the following:
      • The official Reference Implementation of the JAIN SIP API (JSR 32) maintenance release.
      • The Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for the maintenance release of JSR 32.
      • An implementation of the JAIN SDP API (JSR 141).
    • JAIN-SIP proxy - a JAVA based SIP proxy built on top of the JAIN-SIP-1.1 API.
    • JAIN-SIP IM client - a JAVA based SIP IM client built on top of the JAIN-SIP-1.1 API
    • JsPhone - JAVA based SIP phone with video capabilities built on top of the JAIN-SIP-1.1 API and the Java Media Framework.
    • NIST-SIP call-flow trace viewer - a simple graphical user interface for visualizing SIP signaling traces.
    • JAIN-SIP gateway - JAVA based SIP gateway built on top of the JAIN-SIP-1.1 API.
    • JAIN-SIP 3PCC - a JAVA based SIP 3rd party call control (3PCC) built on top of the JAIN-SIP-1.1 API.
  • JAIN-SIP - The NIST-SIP RI, TCK, prototypes and tools are also available on the JAIN-SIP site.
  • NIST JAIN-SIP Simulation Environment - in situ simulation framework for the NIST-SIP prototype.
  • NS2 SIP + Mobile IP simulation models - NS2 source files for SIP protocol models and SIP+MIP integration techniques
  • a widely used network emulation tool for VoIP testing and speech quality estimation.
Customers and Collaborators:
  • Java/JAIN community (JSRs 32, 180, 240, 241, 165), Java.netIETF
  • Sun Microsystems, Open Cloud
  • Panasonic - JAIN Presence and Instant Messaging (JSR 165)
  • 1000's of members of the NIST-SIP users group.