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The RFID-Assisted Localization and Communication for First Responders project will determine the feasibility of using RFID-assisted localization in combination with an ad-hoc wireless communication network to provide reliable tracking of first responders in stressed indoor RF environments, where GPS-based localization and links to external communication systems are known to be unreliable. The research will also consider the means and potential for embedding critical building/occupant information in specific on-site RFID tags to enhance the safety and efficiency of the first responders' mission as well as to minimize dependence upon communication with external building databases.

FY 2005 Interim Project Report (2.4 MB)
Report: Indoor Navigation for First Responders: A Feasibility Study (5.7 MB) (Corrected 2/14/06)

NEW!  ISART 2006 paper (PDF, 480KB) and presentation (PDF, 1.2 MB)

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Principal Investigators:
Leonard E. Miller Perry F. Wilson Nelson P. Bryner
301-975-8018 303-497-3406 301-975-6868
Contibuting Members:
Luke Klein-Berndt Michael H. Francis Jeffrey R. Guerrieri David W. Stroup
301-975-8029 303-497-5873 303-497-3863 301-975-6564


Building info, location coordinate systems, etc.
Stairway identification (Arlington, VA building code)

Communication systems for ad hoc indoor scenarios
Ascentry 802.11b mesh network "breadcrumbs"
Cirronet Zigbee modules and terminals
Crossbow wireless sensor networks
Dust Networks mesh networks for sensors
Ember Zigbee solutions
EmStar software for wireless sensor networks
Helicomm Zigbee development tools
ITT Spearnet ad hoc 2.4 GHz military radio
Kiyon wireless networking of RFID readers
Lantronix wireless M2M products
MANTIS project at U. Colorado
MaxStream Zigbee development kits
Moteiv wireless sensor networks
Newtrax Technologies wireless mesh/FHSS networking
Omnispread Communications DS spread spectrum modems
Sensoria mesh networks
WiBox RS232 via 802.11b devices
Wisenet project at Bradley U.
ZMD WPAN/Zigbee products

Localization techniques, systems for possible indoor use
Cricket Indoor Location System
Elpas local positioning systems
Exit Technologies firefighter rescue, exit system (427 kHz)
Eyeglass local positioning system
Grace Industries firefighter evacuation, exit system (900 MHz)
John Heidemann papers on localization and sensor networks
Information Systems Laboratory wireless firefighter lifeline
Place Lab location using Wi-Fi
Third Watch accountability system
RFID Radar concept from Trolley Scan Ltd
TrakPoint military/first-responder personnel tracking system
Worcester Tech firefighter location project

Navigation technology for possible indoor use
Atair Aerospace inertial navigation unit
Auburn MEMS Inertial Sensor Laboratory
Berkeley Inertial Navigation and GPS home page
U. Calgary Positioning, Location, and Navigation Research Group
Carnegie Mellon human odometer project
Compass basics
Drexel student's tutorial on serial communication with a GPS device
Dynastream Speedmax inertial sensor technology
Findability links
Fugawi navigation software
Global Locate indoor GPS solutions
Honeywell magnetic sensor products
Honeywell MEMS IMU products
Indoor and pedestrian navigation presentation
Indoor and pedestrian navigation working group of IAG
Indoor GPS products
Inertial Solutions sensors, IMUs
InterSense inertial sensors for 3D simulation
Intelligent Automation firefighter location project (UWB into building)
JAZZ wayfinding and auto-routing
Low cost INS Swiss student project here also
MEMSense gyros and IMUs
MicroStrain orientation sensor
Mimosa Project --European project to "make ambient intelligence a reality by developing a mobile-phone centric open technology platform"
NAVIO indoor/outdoor personal navigation research project
NovAtel GPS-inertial navigation solutions
O-Navi inertial sensors
On Target Software Solutions inertial measurement systems
Point Research dead-reckoning sensors for personal and vehicle navigation
Rotomotion inertial navigation modules
Science Oxygen page on Kalman filtering in navigation
Stack A modular platform for high density wireless sensing
U. Sydney inertial navigation research
Systron Donner MotionPak inertial sensing system
Vectronix miniature digital magnetic compass
Vectronix personal navigation module
Xsens miniature inertial motion sensors

RFID technology links that may be useful
ACG Compact Flash RFID reader
ActiveWave RFID readers
AIM Global
AirGATE RFID based surface-acoustic-wave devices
Ambient Intelligence research at MIT
Applied Wireless RFID tags and readers (including PCMCIA card readers)
Blackbay handheld RFID readers with Bluetooth
Detex proximity-based guard tour verification
Dynasys RFID superstore
Ember Corporation -- embedded wireless networking devices
Emergent Technology vehicle tracking
Escort high temperature UHF tags
G2 Microsystems Wi-Fi compatible RFID tags
Hermos PCMCIA card RFID reader
HID cards and readers
High Tech AID resources about RFID
Identec PC card 900 MHz RFID readers
Intermec portable RFID reader/writers
LXE handheld computers and RFID readers
One Source PDA RFID Reader/Writers
Precision Dynamics RFID wristband systems
Randall's RFID Page
RFIDa news, information Compact Flash RFID reader
RFID Inc. RFID hardware
RFID Journal
RFID News and Solutions
The RFID Reader
RFID Times blog
Savi RFID networking solutions
Security of RFID test case
Sirit RFID reader technology
SkyeTek miniature RFID reader
Symbol Technologies RFID products
Tagsys RFID systems and tags
Tectus RFID components
Tek RFID adapter for PDA
ThingMagic agile RFID readers
Article on low-cost readers from Toppan
Transponder News
Trolley Scan "RFID Radar"
Using RFID news
Villanova RFID lab
Wavetrend RFID systems
WJ Communications RFID reader PCMCIA cards


Background, general approach to problem

Building info, location coordinates, etc.

Communication systems relevant to this project

Localization, navigation technology for potential indoor use

RFID technology, applications that may be useful

Sensor Technologies related to project

1. From our lab in Boulder
2. From our lab in Gaithersburg


  RFID field testing apparatus for ISO 14443 and 10373 standards.
Load Modulation Testing.  
  Resonant frequency testing.
Contactless RFID testing and analysis setup.  
  Contactless RFID testing and analysis setup (closeup).

Gaithersburg photos

  900 MHz RFID reader/writer development board and battery
RFID tag "posted" outside Room 440
(with explanation)
  Display of detected tag's location using demo software (the tag ID contains the tag's x-y location in tenths of meters and the number of the nearest room)